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White Elephant Club

A white elephant, because of its rarity, is used as an idiom in Thai culture in reference to something very special or valuable.
One of the ways in which Ransom is attempting to make a difference is through working at building relationships with girls at risk of exploitation.
Currently Ransom staff goes into a nearby low-income village every Friday afternoon for kids clubs. Activities include a Bible lesson, an English lesson, and games with the children. There are two classes held—one for the focus group of girls ages eleven and up, and the other for boys and girls ages ten and under. Weekly total attendance is between ten and twenty.
During the school term, there is opportunity to relate to girls in the local school through involvement in their English clubs.
Three-day camps are held in the village when there are school breaks. During these camps, the children rotate through stations where they hear a Bible lesson, sing, do crafts, and play games. Average attendance has ranged from 25-50 children.
Also during school breaks, baking classes are offered at the Ransom Home to the older girls who attend weekly village and school clubs.
Our goal is that through building trust relationships with these girls at a young age, we can provide guidance and have an ongoing impact as they make decisions in their future.



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