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Ransom Mobile

mobile.jpgRan­som Mobile is a branch of Ran­som Min­istries that reaches to areas out­side of Chi­ang Mai, Thai­land. God has pro­vided oppor­tu­ni­ties for Ran­som staff mem­bers to part­ner with the Mace­don­ian Teach­ing Min­istry in teach­ing classes on Godly Fem­i­nin­ity to ladies in other parts of Asia. In the past, Ran­som Mobile has been in dif­fer­ent parts of India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Indonesia.

In many Asian cul­tures women are mis­treated and often looked down upon. What an oppor­tu­nity it is to be able to go into these coun­tries and share the truth of what God says about women! The theme of these classes focuses on the truth that women are made in the image of God, redeemed by Christ Jesus, and have been given value and a spe­cial role in their fam­i­lies, churches, and communities.






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