Ransom Ministries is being discontinued indefinitely. Click to read our full statement.

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• Does Ransom Ministries work with victims of human trafficking?

We are willing to help in whatever way we can, though to this point we have not been involved in any cases of direct trafficking. We are in a vision casting and research phase regarding needs and opportunities for involvement.

• How often is the Ran­som Home open?

Ransom Home is open Monday to Friday for sewing projects, Bible studies, staff meetings and various classes during school breaks.

• How many years has Ransom Ministries been operating?

Ran­som Min­istries began in the research stage in 2008.

• Can the RM staff ladies com­mu­ni­cate with Thai People in Thai?

Yes. While levels of fluency are different, the ability to speak Thai is essential to ministry. Upon joining Ransom one of the first responsibilities is to take Thai classes and learn the language.

• How are the Ransom Ministries staff finan­cially sup­ported?

Thai staff is given a salary by Ransom Ministries. The foreign volunteer staff operates by faith on what is given by churches, friends, and family.

• Where are Ran­som Designs products mar­keted?

Greeting cards are available by donation in the USA through our web store, as well as local pick up through a distributor in the USA and in Canada. Some cards are also sold in Chiang Mai. Sewing products are still being developed, with some being developed for marketing in Thailand, and some in the USA and Canada.


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